To preform sexual intercourse or oral sex without a condom, but rather, a sock.
Jamaal: Dude, you know that chick I picked up last night at the club?

Bubba: Yeah I saw her.

Jamaal: Well I was soxing the hell out of her all night.

Bubba: Really?! I soxed her too a couple days back, I just never told you.
by Idaho Hoe February 10, 2009
Used by true New Englanders who are totally and completely devoted to their team,The Red Sox. The Red Sox are and always will be the classic Sox.
The Sox are gonna beat the Yankees tonight.

Hopefully the Sox will put a wicked good pither in like Schilling.

You know Crisp on The Sox he's a wicked fast runna.
by really? September 24, 2007
The World's Greatest Baseball team...White Sox.
The 2005 White Sox were the Greatest team to ever grace the surface of land!
by JERMAINEDYE4MVP November 18, 2006
THE BIGGEST HYPOCRITICAL SPORTS TEAM IN THE HISTORY OF SPORTS! 04* & 07* world series titles won with the two biggest roid users and disliked baseball players of all time: David Ortiz & Manny Ramirez

David Ortiz Lied multiple times about not using steroids, even went as far as saying anyone who tested positive should be banned the whole year and even said the biggest reason he did not use steroids was so he wouldnt ruin his son & the image of his father, david ortiz tested positive for steroids/P.E.Ds in 2003/2004, he hit 58 homeruns in his 1st 5 years of his career with the Minnesota Twins, then hit another 240+ in the next 5 years with the boston red sox, with 81 games every year @ fenway park, IF he was a righty it wouldnt be so suspicious, but he a lefty..... he used steroids... then balanty lied & denied using steroids ..@ a press conference on 08/08/09 @ yankee stadium after two crushing defeats to the New York Yankees two days in a row...

Manny Ramirez tested positive for a woman's fertility drug in 2009 only used by males to regain testosterone after years of anabolic steroid use... also tested positive in 2003/2004 & has always sucked and been hated for his antics, and niether him nor david ortiz where fooling anyone....

Red Sox Fans have always been SMUG and quick to bash the New York Yankees and their former steroid users on a daily basis... though their own 04* & 07* world series are the ones that are tainted...

Boston Roid Sox: the biggest hypocrites in sports

The Boston Red Sox: Will Never match the New York Yankees in ANY WAY
The Boston Roid sox most recent two world series titles are tainted due to steroid use by their two most important players, manny ramirez & david ortiz, 2004 world series & 2007 world series

No longer the Red Sox, but are now the Roid Sox

Go Yankees! fuck the roid sox
by YANKEEbomb August 9, 2009
Why are you wearing that Sox hat Game? I know you don't watch baseball. -"Its gangsta dog".
by Zach Martyn January 4, 2009