Another way of saying sorry. Very widely used in Chats
I'm Sowwy :(
I'm sowwy I forgot your Birthday
Are you Sowwy?
by Rohan Sood November 12, 2007
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Okay the word 'sowwie' means sorry but in a cute spelling way! Kind of an anime way of spelling it ;)
by MikkiMassacre July 29, 2009
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British way of saying sorry in a rather cute way.
Girl cheats in a game.
Random: "Hey, that was mean >.>;;"
Girl:"Sowwie >.>;;"

Girl breaks something in a store.
Shopkeeper:"Hey, what are you doing?"
by Mikael S February 13, 2008
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In the owo language sowwy is actually “sorry owo”
So when someone says that to you they are probably a weeb and use the owo language
“Sowwy are you okay owo” Ethan saId

“Oh my god no way is he speaking owo” question maria
by Madamlebread February 20, 2019
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When (typically) a man (usually through text) wants to say sorry and tries to be cute at the same time, but it is always a cringey fail. Typically followed by the "🥺" emoji
Man: I'm so sowwy🥺🥺
Women: Eww he's one of those guys?!?!
by Sa_yo_na_ra June 13, 2021
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i was held up at home :/ sowwies! xD

1. i sowwies for not go to the show dude!

2. i really sowwie man but i forgot to bring the cheese

3. i won't sowwie anything about this!
by Kimylemusina May 23, 2011
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boy:hey u look like a dude

girl:how rude

boy:aw im sowwie i didnt mean to
by bollyge November 24, 2015
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