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Another way of saying sorry. Very widely used in Chats
I'm Sowwy :(
I'm sowwy I forgot your Birthday
Are you Sowwy?
by Rohan Sood November 12, 2007
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In the owo language sowwy is actually “sorry owo”
So when someone says that to you they are probably a weeb and use the owo language
“Sowwy are you okay owoEthan saId

“Oh my god no way is he speaking owo” question maria
by Madamlebread February 19, 2019
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i was held up at home :/ sowwies! xD

1. i sowwies for not go to the show dude!

2. i really sowwie man but i forgot to bring the cheese

3. i won't sowwie anything about this!
by Kimylemusina May 22, 2011
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It’s a secret way to say that you are incredibly horney. It is typically used in chats and texts.
by Kinky kitty 93739275920 May 29, 2018
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