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Older than a cougar or a MILF but still within boning range, a soup chicken is a somewhat fit divorcee or widow that is clearly on the gun lap of her sexual marketability.

The oldest cohort of the chicken world; i.e., fryer / broiler / roaster / soup chicken
Dude, dig that soup chicken in the leopard print tights!

Yeah, she's a soup chicken, but I'd rip into that like a hog after corn on a cool fall day!

Better bring some lube on your date, bro, that soup chicken's probably a tad dry.
by the gumada man May 08, 2008
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40 plus divorced women are remarkably like a chicken that has been in your frig to long. They are old, picked over and nothing left to do with them but make soup. The only thing you can do with a soup chicken is to give her a dirty pirate.
A soup chicken is class of older women.
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