a random smell that a lunatic smells while we are outside for Gym
No one:
Lunatic: it smells like soup
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by thatbitchinthecorner December 28, 2019
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Super or nourishing to one's soul
That get together was soup!
by Dingadoo December 24, 2018
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First definition:
A word used to describe someone who refers to someone who is horny but only for people who are "legal" or aged 18 and above.

Second definition:
A character archetype in a doujin who makes it impossible for the main character to make advances towards them. They're too "bro material" for the main character. A true unironic example of bro, no homo.
1st definition:
Roy was such a soup. He immediately gagged as soon as he realized he spouted such explicit nonsense in front of someone who was still quite young.

2nd definition:
Jenkins was a true example of what a Soup is. He didn't see his friend in the same light as the latter saw him.
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by momomoniker September 15, 2020
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when you're too lazy to chew so you blend your food and drink it with a straw
Guy 1: what are you drinking?
Guy 2 (lazy): pizza soup
by 99coronasonawall March 16, 2020
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