Noun. Soup is any seriously dank weed that's being shared by the boys.
Ex: "Hey, wanna go back to Gerry's and share some soup?"

Ex 2: "The Soup is hot."

Ex 3: "How'd Trevor get couchlocked?" "The Soup was too hot for him."
by KickDickem March 13, 2018
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"my mum made me some soup, but when i looked on the urban dictionary, I can't swallow it."
by the guy without a beard January 11, 2021
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Also known as "Mushroom Stew", soup is a Minecraft item which can heal 3.5 hearts of health when used. Often used in PvP games such as Hardcore Games and KitPvP. Soup is a convenient and fast way of healing as there is no limit to how fast you can heal when using soups to heal. Soups are capable of keeping you alive against someone with a diamond sword when you have no armor. Only downside to soups is that they take a lot of inventory space.

Recrafting is crafting more soups by using bowls and cocoa beans / brown and red mushrooms.
Teammate: Bro i am low and that guy has an iron sword.
You: No problem bro take these soups u can take him out with those.

You: Im out of soups bro help!
Teammate: take these bowls and mushrooms, recraft more.
by Mallusai February 14, 2021
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a very delicous/disgusting bowl of liquidy/creamy water
Do you want some soup?
by -_- \(*_*)/ October 23, 2019
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A Hot Wheels super treasure hunt car. Different from "normal" Hot Wheels cars, a soup normally wears a special paint job and rubber tires on rims. Limited and hard to find, you can be sure to pay a left nut for the most desirable examples.
I cracked open 6 fresh cases of cars today at the local Wal-Mart and didn't find a single soup.
by Yurgens June 04, 2019
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