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Soulja or Souljah
Not to be (stereotypically)confused with Jesus freaks or aimless gang members, A Soulja, is anyone who has gone through hard times and fought against adversity. A Soulja's strength comes from within, strength of mind, body, soul, and character. A true Soulja would have learned from his/her mistakes, taken responsibility for his/her actions and gained strength to never back down. Someone who knows no limits to his/her own power and God given abilities. A person who serves their people, lives by a strict code, and is never afraid to stand up for what they believe in. Someone who is willing to fight for their home, family, property, etc, but is not necessarily part of a conventional service (Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, etc).
A Soulja cannot be defined by race, age, background, location, or economic status.
"Did the crime and got caught up, fuck it, did my time like a soulja!"
After a lifetime of toil, a true soulja wakes up each morning optimistic.

by JGSR June 14, 2006
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Usually a man who grew up on the streets. Slang for "soldier" like in the army. Battles in combats knows how to use a gun to kill. Their ghetto being their "turf" or warzone.
Soulja Slim, No Limit Soldiers (No Limit Souljas) etc.
by INfaMousgUrL2002 August 01, 2004
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A term that used to deem some respect before it was coined by a sellout and made into a dance.
Guy 1: Ey' man is you a soulja?

Guy 2: Heeeeeel no.
by A-Whack February 25, 2008
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The true meaning of (Soulja) is a person that was born, raised or living in a neighborhood plagued by drugs, violence and proverty. Survives by using extensive knowledge of the streets to obtain the basic necessities of life that most people take for granted (food, shelter and security).

Strenghts: the unique ability to adapt to any situation
Weakness: The over whelming desire for quick change
(Soulja)Someone fighting to survive at all cost! Turning nothing into something! Knows the feeling of choosing between eating or paying the electric bill!
by Ferdale Huey (Soulja209) April 18, 2008
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A soulja is not someone that sits around drinkin 40's all day and livin off they're baby mamaz. Or dont have to be neccesarily affiliated with the Army. A true soulja is someone who holds it down for what they believe in and not afraid to fight for it. A true soulja keeps a lookout for his/her family and the place they live in. A true soulja stays true to what they choose to commit to. Meaning anything. And a true soulja also means someone that has gone through many struggles in their live and that has lived through them and survived. A true soulja isnt just by one race... anybody fitting or relating to those definitions are a true soulja.Soulja, a fighter,( soul survivor).
Any person of any race can be a real soulja. That girl Serena D.. shes a real true Soulja Girl.
by Infamouz Angel October 21, 2007
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A rag on head wearing, weed smoking thug or gangbanger, worthless turd who sits around all day drinking "40's" and lives off his baby mamas welfare because he has no ambition to work. Not to be confused with real "Soldiers" who actully fight and stand for something.
a "Soulja" wouldn't last 30 munutes at Camp Pendelton, Ft Bragg or any other basic training post.
by xzybit March 29, 2005
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