The inner calm that comes from understanding and peace with the self.
We're all such pointlessly competitive tits and shits sometimes, but I've regained my Ephesians so am a happy bunny.
by The Mama with the Quan January 9, 2008
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its mean to hype up the Christian identity in you

it hits on moral and ethical behaviors(what your current/boring lifestyle needed) that was designed to ensure believers are living up to their heavenly calling
Ephesians should remind us of the roof of our problems

plus the discipline needed to develop into true children of god
by Happy Christian April 12, 2023
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Noun; The act of several men in skin colored gimps suits performing a boococky whilst on 10 foot tall A-frame latters.

A sex act based on the line in Ephesians talking about the Lords love coming from above.
Just like the in the Bible, she felt the love from on high, when she received an Ephesians 1:3 from the boys.
by vesu December 22, 2018
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