A word, noun or verb, that is now used in place of "cool, awesome, neat etc". Only used to describe something positively. There is nothing negative associated with "Bragg".
Man that party was "Bragg".

Dude, that chick is hot!
Nah man, she's "Bragg".
by braggtastic March 4, 2009
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A completely uncoordinated, enormous, and incompetent person who's stench would clear an entire stadium. A hibittchel liar that is constantly looking for self approval.
Bragg: hey look at this picture of a girl I fucked last night

Person: dude, she wouldn't fuck you in a million years... Don't be such a Bragg.
by Yo mama 696969 October 16, 2015
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If that company is going to make it they better put some money into their "Braggs" and work on their brand recognition.

Our band is making money now that we have "Braggs" to sell at the shows.
by Gazi21 June 11, 2010
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A small tourist town barely surviving from profits mainly generated from marijuana and tourism. A great place to start a family, a great place to visit and an even better place for a slow death if you are in your mid twenty's due to lack of jobs, gainful employment or a college.
Hey have you been to fort bragg joe? Fort Bragg California? Well i do have to get a quarter pound so maybe I'll drop by for the day.
by crackenberry February 26, 2017
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Tough, mostly because of poverty and surviving (or not) public schools. Something to be said of poor, urban Canadian youth and essentially no one else. Marked by resourcefulness, pragmaticism, and coldness. As a result of being shit on one too many times. A desirable trait. Can also be the result of an awful family life/childhood. See also hardcore
Chris Bragg is as hard as fuck right now
by Blackforest H.A.M. July 13, 2011
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A "new wave" artiste of dubious ability, most well known for being a Champagne Socialist.

Much has written in the specialist press concerning his early break into the music business and his entanglement with the well known louche impresario Cock-Stand Cuthbertson, various episodes from which have led to his oft quoted soubriquet of Percy.
Chas: Look at that prick, he's just stumbled into a selection of cold meats "oi Percy, bit unsteady on yer plates eh mate"

Dave: Percy? So that's Billy Bragg - what a tosser.

Chas: Yeah, right, "Bard of Barking" my arse.

Billy Bragg: Gis a fag.

Dave: Piss off Percy, you ponce.

Billy Bragg: Aww c'mon lads I'm one of you.

Chas: Nah mate, you aint.
by Dorset Dave May 2, 2011
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