1) A bit too much. 2) Way over the top. 3) Crazy.
Me: "Whoa, look at that guy's hair!"
Someone who isn't me: "Thats just sotto"
by Frostbite XIII July 5, 2005
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Facundo, tawagan si Sotto, sira ang xerox!
by guardiano November 13, 2012
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From the Italian, meaning 'low voice'. To speak quietly out of the corner of your mouth so that the subject of your speech can't hear your insult or know that you are speaking.
"Oh, what a beautiful creature your daughter is", said Mrs. Mulroy saccarinely to Mrs. Katz at the Bat-mitzvah.
"Too bad the zoo can't identify what kind of creature she is", Mrs. Jackson said sotto voce to Mrs. Mulroy as they plastered wide smiles on their faces.
by MAC-Gyver May 27, 2003
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A female prostitute who lives on the streets phillapine, who sucks off black men for a go on a broken vape. Ck.hylie is Also someone who knows the way to life, she tugs, sucks and swallows. This girl sounds like a keeper;)
Ck.hylie Sotto

is my ultimate roll model, I wish I was her
by Willylongdongmarriott August 11, 2018
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Espressione utilizzata quando ci si trova in una situazione poco piacevole, utilizzata soprattutto nell'ambito dei videogiochi online.
Ci stanno recuperando, Stiamo sotto un treno!
by praticamente July 1, 2022
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