Someone who is easy going or who has tact: they accept whatever comes their way even if they don't like it and can play it off well.
That girl was just called a bitch and didn't do anything bout it. She may suck but at least she swallows too.
by Sushi April 18, 2005
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(n.) A game played by a male and female in which the female performs fellatio on the male, the male ejaculates in the female’s mouth and she swallows his ejaculate. If played correctly, there are no losers.

*It can be played by two males, but that’s just gay.*
Her mouth felt amazing on my dick when we played Suck Suck Swallow last night!
by Mickey12x8 January 29, 2021
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A name for "certain establishment" also known as Steak and Shake, this is the more secluded version of the chain, found only off of the interstate, and select towns in Arkansas, look out, as your cousin may work there
Man, I had a great lunch at the "Suck and swallow"
by Xander Fei July 22, 2006
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