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A very sweet boy who has adorable looks. He has an adorable smile, amazing eyes, and very soft hair. He's amazing in bed, and looks sexy with clothing on or off. Any lady is lucky to have him and he's usually surrounded by women who reflect his beauty. He's very trustworthy and will share a deep bond his lover(s). He can also be a lovable nerd.
Girl: Wow, he's an adorable guy... Really sweet too.
Guy: Yeah... I wish I could date him, that's Facundo.
by RingoPerkobbles November 06, 2017
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A person that has a fluent way to do, specially on arts like design and music- Is a word next to euphoria or "insanity".
That maggot plays as a Facundo!
by Facundo Cerone February 01, 2007
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