The way you throw yourself onto a bed or sofa usually remaining in the same position you landed in.
'Stop sossing on the bed I just made that'
by dawka February 24, 2010
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Norwegian word for people that are rich and spoiled

Used as a negative word
Man, that guys such a soss! he gets everything he wants!
by Drake Killah February 21, 2008
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A person who is generally embarassing and a burden to society. Although socialist oriented , some nowadays unique variants of Sosse, may be theoretically wealthy. A typical Sosse is in his behaviour very cheap often trying to take advantage of normal citizens ( that is tax payers).
In McDonald's: Look at the dude, he is walking the restaurant asking for people's free coffee stickers. What a Sosse!
by swissmiz February 14, 2011
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Acronym - Sign(s) Of Super Staff. Originated as a way to encourage staff members to be helpful and energetic.

n. soss
adj. sossy, soss-tastic, soss-alistic, soss-adelic, etc.
n. "Tyler is all that is soss - he is the epitome of soss."
adj. "Dave is so sossy! He helped cover for other counselors when they were needed elsewhere!"
by D. Piddy August 03, 2005
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shown to convey the act of being OWNED, BURNED, or SCHOOLED.
Kris is dribbling the ball down court, then throws it at Rutledge's face, catches it, and swooshes a 3, then says "SOSS!!!!"

Conor tricks Kaleigh into believing something, but it's not true. He follows it up with "SOSS!!!"
by Sam Frisby November 15, 2006
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