short for hand hug: "hand hug: Similar to a high five, except for as soon as your palms touch, you each wrap your thumb around the other's hand."

~ Urban Dictionary entry, by Maggalaggadingdong May 29, 2006
While playing partners pool, I tried to high-five her, and she changed it to an hh.
by ΔиłĦ☼иצ ߀₡ʞ February 8, 2013
by red clan January 11, 2019
IRC shorthand for "heh heh". Used when someone makes a comment that is amusing, but not quite LOL.
<jan> i love your scripts, kids
<ben> hh
<twid> hh
<hepkitten> hh
<deimos> hh

by twid June 11, 2003
An hh is a homie hopper, someone that talks to more than one of the guys out the gang. Even if the next guy is your day one.
What’s up bro?
Oh, what’s up?
You heard from keyonna today?
Who the hh?
by daareal1 May 25, 2021
Hand held,it is a jargon word for a type of console.
Hand held consoles are consoles that are held in hand.
by Dimc January 17, 2009
Internet-speak for "holding hands". Most often used by couple etc.
Mary- i love you
John- awh
Mary- hh
John- hh
by KnockMeDown May 2, 2007
When you try to type in gg but press HH instead
Player1: HH
Player2: Do you mean gg?
Player1: Yes
by CrossbonesCarnageDeadpool March 29, 2018