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Sorrells, the last name of #sexiness and #cuteness she’s the nicest in the room and the prettiest she’s a bad ass bitch too.
daaaang that sorrells girl is hooottttt 😩
by msfactor May 24, 2018
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See that guy over there wanking off the toothpaste, that's a Sorrell that is
cheers drive
by waldogwoof October 23, 2015
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The best damn library in all of Carnegie Mellon. Its many unique characteristics include not being open 24/7, always smelling like food that people people smuggle in, never having any empty study space, leaky roof panes, always featuring people napping in the most high-traffic areas, and its group-work rooms always having single occupants. But at least it's in the heart of the building, so the Wean Hall turtle head can say "my heart is in the work" if it ever develops the ability to speak.
Is it spelled sorrels or sorells? The world may never know.
Let's go work on our 112 in Sorrells.
by angry uni student November 14, 2018
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