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Someone who is perfect the way they are! Very smart, outgoing, funny, nice to be around, extremely understanding, caring, easy to fall in love with, beautiful from the inside and especially on the outside, and a great kisser!:)
"Wow, dude have you met that knew chick?"
" Nah, i haven't had a chance, wait why?"
" Cause, man you gotta meet her shes a total SORREL!"
by Fred*8 March 29, 2009
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1. generally known as a type of plant, varieties including sheep sorrel, wood sorrel and french sorrel (edible).

2. a description of a horse's colouring; reddish-brown.

3. a character in the noel coward play, 'hayfever'.

4. a grumpy female with eccentric tendencies, a habit of talking far too much and obsessions with cats, tea and spliffs.

1. 'oh look, there's some wood sorrel growing by that tree . . . '

2. 'i would say that horse is sorrel in it's colouring . . . '

3. 'do you know who played 'sorrel' in hayfever . . ?'

4. 'i feel like having a cuppa and talking about cats' 'really? you should go and see sorrel then . . . '
by true_pictsie February 13, 2009
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Basically the most awesome person in the world, fun lovin guy who will love you long time. if you know someone by the name of sorrels, he's basically just awesome.
That sorrels guy is friggen sweet
by pastrana199 February 05, 2010
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A facetious and sarcastic form of "sorry", often used when recapping the apology in a story detailing personal drama.
"Vanessa then demanded an apology, and I was like 'sorrels'. Then I rolled my eyes and walked away."
by kumacub November 08, 2013
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Someone who lives in a shithole and gets stabbed in the eye when she doesn't pay the bills
Sorrel didn't pay up her bills so she has one eye now
by John slater December 16, 2016
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sorrel-someone who constantly has to flick their 'fringe' (overgrown,limp piece of hair) that is almost at a right-angle plastered across their forehead,out of their eyes, or in some cases when they don't, consequentially end up walking into doors, lamposts, trees, irritable ginger people or the mens changing rooms. They also like to regularly shake their 'thang' and have to be reminded that 'snozzle' isn't actually a word.
"Ouch,what was that, it sounded nasty"
"That was a sorrel, don't worry it happens all the time"
by harumph January 24, 2008
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definition= manwhore!!! you may not have heard this but it is commonly known throughout my entire skule and i'm surprised its not on here yet!!
Luke: Wow Willy your a total sorrel!!
Willy: Godammit Luke I am not a fucking sorrel!!!
by Some Guy...... March 03, 2008
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