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sophi. she’s the bestest friend u could ask for. she is hilarious, sarcastic,beautiful, and never leaves ur side no matter what happens. u may get in a fight, but she will always come back 2 u. she loves her friends, and makes sure that they know it. she loves food, and has hilarious little dance moves that make u smile. u laugh say hard when ur with her, so hard that u snort milk through ur nose. she is a straight A student, and loves math. she hates when people gets in her way, and doesn’t let anyone tease her friends. she is a brown eyed, brown haired, beautiful girl who love u till the end. ilysfm sophi
i love sophi so much
she’s the best best friend ever
by its_izzyyy;) May 19, 2018
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Word to describe a girl who is amazing in bed, has amazing intelligence and is amazingly nice. Basically she is amazing!
''Just got a ride off a sophi, it was amazing!''
by snaP February 25, 2012
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Sophisticated. Can be used much like legit, a slang term for legitimate. Can be used interchangeably with classy, chic, or chindabbly.
She tries to look sophis classy, chic, chindabbly, but she looks SOOO ligube.
by KAZ December 31, 2004
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Sophi is a girl who is perfect in every way. She is the prettiest girl you will ever see, the smartest girl you’ll ever meet, and the best person to be friends with.
“Man I’m so happy I met sophi. I don’t know what I’d do without her!”
by Ya guy here May 13, 2018
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