Mahler was a misunderstood, great composer. If you can listen to mahler, you can listen to anything.
"Wow! Mahler's second symphony is beautiful!"
by Dankmemes69420 November 02, 2016
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If you're a mahler, you LOVE cats! You'll find a mahler eating hot pockets and watchung netflixs. He LOVES twenty one pilots and also is addicted to whipping, dabbing and doing the nae nae
"Oh my God jordan, you're so luckyou you're dating a mahler"
by Little mouse February 20, 2016
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The Mahler Syndrome is a syndrome where an Individual pretends to have a certain illness, mental or physical, or someone who tries to make said illness look worse than it is.
Pretty much someone who seeks attention.
Person A: Person B said their Asthma is really bad.
Person C: But their asthma is ok, they don't even need an inhaler.
Person A: Lmao, Mahler Syndrome.
by パク March 18, 2017
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A devastating move created by the one and only Alex Mahler, which involves annihilating ones opponent into a pulp, and destroying their demeanor, but can only be accomplished by Alex Mahler.
After I got done with Tori, Mahler came over and Mahler stomped all over her.
by Phat Sampras November 18, 2003
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An arrogant egoistical person of mediocre achievements who has been labeled as “genius” through some strange circumstance, but the reverence for whom will gradually go into oblivion.
Some person: I just read this amazing 10000 page novel by blank.
Other person: what was it about?
Some person: some Czech guy’s summer in a secluded valley with a Schack.
Other person: that author must be such a Gustav Mahler.
by Fromadripunderpressure February 02, 2019
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