This man is one of a kind. You are lucky to have a Soloman in your life.
He has incredible strength in his ability to sense and understand the emotions of those around him.

A real gift to his family and friends.
He is intelligent and creative and sensitive.

Soloman is also a clean cut great looking man who attracts the girls with his wit and keeps them with his gentleness.
Very sports oriented, this man excels at Taekwondo and basketball.
Soloman enjoys teaching others.
Soloman smiled at Beth and she giggled with delight.
by Khaleesi29 July 21, 2018
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A boy at gateway high school that when his hair is long, he looks like a mushroom

Also, No defined Gender
Bob: Hey look its Soloman

Joe: I think i saw him in the woods yesterday

Bob: Lol
by ASDDDDDDDDDF May 29, 2009
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