A male masturbating game. Contestants all jack off onto a digestive biscuit.whoever shoots his load first onto the biscuit is deemed the winner! The loser.... eats the biscuit
Oh man, what a night! we played soggy biscuit again, Atkins came straightaway and I had to eat the cookie!
by michael kavanagh January 19, 2004
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A male masturbation game where the players beat off around a biscuit. The winner is the first person to ejaculate while the loser has to eat the semen laced biscuit.
It is also what a Sky News reporter would choose to say when a biscuit factory floods.
1. Lads, I have some Digestives, who wants a game of soggy biscuit?
2. Over there as we can see, the famous McVitie's factory. Lots of soggy biscuits.
by JPYTWordsmith3000 July 10, 2017
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A game where guys who are premature ejaculators are winners and guys with staying power are losers.
Mark won soggy biscuit again because he jacks off like a fiend and can only last 30 seconds when he gets near an actual woman.
by duck face July 16, 2005
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A pub/rugby game where a bunch off guys wank off onto a biscuit, and the last one to cum then has to eat it. Also known as wank biscuit or (in America) ookie cookie.
Dan was usually the first one to suggest a round of Soggy Biscuit, but he always played to lose.
by OrangUtanUK June 18, 2003
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a game which rules involve masturbating in a group over a biscuit (prefrebly a plain biscuit) and the first one to shoot his laod wins and the last one has to eat the biscuit!
person:hey guys fancy a game of 'soggy biscuit'?
friends:no scott ur too fast!
by scott dornan April 3, 2003
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