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Detrimentally expending one's income on luxury goods while negating necessities.
To gain the adulation of his boys, hood rich Hubert purchased rims for his tricked out automobile instead of groceries.
by Herald Weiss April 01, 2011
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You managed to finance the Escalade for despite your terrible credit, but you don't have any money for gas. You live in your mom's house but wear blingin' chains. TRANSLATION: Someone in the ghetto who spends money they obviously don't have is "Hood Rich". A Repo-man's wet dream.
by Scoots January 22, 2003
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A brotha that has A sweet ass Escalade sittin on twenty fo's but theres 1/4th of a gallon in his tank and he ain't payed a single payment to date.

A brotha that carrys a Louie Vuitton duffle bag with what appears to be stacks of cash in it, but that shit don't got stacks, oh no, that shit is full of all his escalade repo letters, letters from Child services fo late child support checks, his heating bills, his water bills,and his electric bills he ain't been payin in three years because "that shit too expensive cuz".

A brotha that lives in tha projects, eats government cheese, and still lives with his parents that wears the flyest jays, ed hardy,and bling chains.
Person 1: Dayummmm look at that brotha he ridin clean wit dat Escalade sittin on 24's wit that phat duffle bag in the passenger seat.

Person 2: Fuck homie you crazy thats DayDay the feds lookin fo that brotha fo 4 years and i seen him beggin his momma fo money to buy the new 23 Jordan's.

Person 1: His ass is just Hood Rich.
by $tl$treet July 10, 2008
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A person from an urban neighborhood that looks like they have a lot of money, but they are living far beyond their means.

They can be the equivalent of a businessman that looks successful, but their company is deep in the red.

A hoodrich person may have expensive clothes but they can't afford anything decent in their home because they wasted all of their money.
by Enigma Buster February 21, 2009
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A fairly expensive item or items that, when judged against the lifestyle and other possessions of the owner, stands out and makes little to no sense.
$2,000 wheels on a $500 car are very, very hoodrich.
by Urban Dictionary June 29, 2005
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Someone who buys expensive clothes, cars, and eats out at expensive resteraunts, but returns home to a shack in the hood. They usually are in debt up to their ears, and they keep trying to live the affluent lifestyle untill the repo man comes and tows their car.
Most of the people who live the hoodrich lifestyle are black, and the hoodrich car of choice is a Caddilac Escalade with 30 inch chrome rims. All bought with money they don't have. They would rather eat ramen or government cheese and live in a roach motel than have to not have expensive stuff.
"That gilr wined and dined me, we went for a midnight drive in her S 500, but as soon as we came back to her house, i realised she was a hoodrich, her whole house was smaller than my bathroom, and her 3 babies were asking for food.
by cubensis June 26, 2005
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