baby welding, using smaller tools that get hot to merge two pieces of metal together
My mom made this ring from me, soldering two pieces of wire together.
by Ani09 June 13, 2010
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1. Solder is an alloy of different metals (usually tin and lead, sometimes silver) designed to be melted at a low temperature. typically solder is used to make contacts on an electrical circuit, but it's also used to seal plumbing pipes. however solder used for this purpose usually melts at higher temperatures.
2. a verb meaning to fuse together using solder.
1. I need to go buy some solder.

2. the pipes look like they'll need to be soldered together.
by someguysenor December 14, 2010
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dude! At the last football game, the other team bent over and we solderized them!
by MarqueeDeSade November 6, 2010
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The greatest stabbing instrument known to mankind. It's both sharp, and really hot
You're talking to my friend all wrong. Do it again, and I'll stab you in the eye with a soldering iron
by Dillon Farnum April 1, 2005
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A tool used for soldering circuits and for stabbing people in the face, particularly by Christopher Walken
Wha-shoo-say? You're talking to me all wrong...its the wrong do it again and i'll stab in the face with a soldering iron!
by theblurfromjoisy July 28, 2010
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The day of the week when Soldering anything and everything is a must. Often times your friend Aaron will have to leave your Taco Bell adventure in order to purchase materials for the act of soldering on this day. Solder Wednesday dates back to around 2003-2004 A.D.
-Shit guys I gotta run and get some items for soldering.

--Why yes, today is Solder Wednesday.
by Lord L June 7, 2006
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