A science devoted to the study of social human behavior.
Sociology is all about WHY
by Jeremiah Collins March 12, 2015
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A very, very, VERY difficult subject that only clever people can study. It is a completely rational and academic subject to study.
"WOW! You study sociology?? I am in awe of you..."
by Jennybean5 May 9, 2006
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Area of study relating to human behavior, culture, and understanding why people are the way they are, Upon acquiring sociological knowledge, one tends to alienate everyone around them, and is often misunderstood
Sociologist:"See you're view on reality is purly cognative"

Idiot:"You're mom's cognative"

S:"Thats sociology for ya,idiots"

by pissinyocherios January 31, 2009
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A safe place if you're anything except a non-white male.
Even though it's a broad subject and interesting subject filled with ideas, a sociology lesson can easily be whittled down to "white men are racists, everyone else are oppressed".

One of the few places leftists feel completely empowered and morally superior where as long as you hate white men, you're never wrong.
A: I'm getting so sick of Anatomy & Physiology. As a bi-gender grey demi queer unicorn fairy flute toothpaste toenail chicken ankle, it's just insulting to see all this bullshit.

B: We can always go check out a sociology lesson, it's the one place we can escape their oppressive patriarchal misogynistic white supremacy. Sociology understands who we are. They're there to protect our feelings.
by Reppy07 December 9, 2016
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A meaningless term used to legitimize the Global London course at the University of Notre Dame London study abroad program. Concepts associated with the sociological imagination include: challenging the obvious, making gross stereotypes about an entire population based on one person's experience, relinquishing any concept of personal free will because all thoughts and actions are obviously determined by societal pressures, white guilt for oppressing the minorities and not being socially welcoming, and an intense love for immigrants.
Today in seminar, I used my sociological imagination to examine the contested history of African migration to London.
by georgiegirlie December 11, 2010
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Any lesson that you have where you just sit around and do fuck all. The teacher don't give a fuck and neither do you. You know you will fail your exams but you just couldnt give a Fucking Toss
Fred: Lets have a chilli eating contest!
Paul: Yeah that sounds great. Another typical Sociology lesson
Fred: The teacher would rather have a smoke so lets just do what we want
Paul: Yeah alright, cool.

Fred: Drink this coke with the chilli's in it for £2.50
Paul: Done, someone record my expression
Fred: Sweet, this shit is going on facebook
Paul: What about Mr M***e
Fred: Fuck M***e
by Dirty Fucking Keeg Kunt January 24, 2010
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The process of making one very confused and or angry
Stephen: cI'm not using Reverse Psychology I'm using Reverse Sociology ."
Kira:"SHUT UP!"
by DANKANOPILIS February 17, 2017
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