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The stressful feeling of wanting to do well on an exam that overwhelms you before or during an exam which leads to being afraid of failing
Due to my test anxiety telling me to not fail the exam, my brain completely went blank and I had absolutely no idea what to do to answer the questions. FML.
by Ghostgam3r March 22, 2022
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Someone who has the balls to conquer their worst fear of roller coasters.
Guy 1: You did it! By riding one of he biggest roller coasters, you’re officially a Ride Warrior!!!

Guy 2: Hell Yeah!!!
by Ghostgam3r November 13, 2017
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A form of justice that people want whenever a criminal's punishment doesn't seem to match their standards. Cruel Justice can mostly be harsh and unforgiving.
Byastander 1: Man I can't believe that criminal only got 3 years of prison time for prostitution, sharing an explicit photo, and money embezzlement.

Bystander 2: Yeah I really wish he can be decapitated or flayed alive

Bystander 1: That is some cruel justice right there
by Ghostgam3r April 5, 2019
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A form of terrorism SJWs and haters use to cancel or hate on someone by insulting them followed by death threats and wishing for them to tragically die just because they have a different view that doesnt fit their narrative.
Sam witnessed the rising surge of technological terrorism towards one of his friends on Twitter when they tried to bring up a different opinion on a sensitive subject.
by Ghostgam3r May 4, 2020
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derived from the term "Average Joe". A Joe is a term for a normal guy. Joes aren't really simps or incels, they just are guys who want to focus on themselves and don't care what others think.
person 1: Jason's weird. When I asked him why he's still single, he said he doesn't care about finding a significant other

person 2: It's because he's one of the Joes and is trying to live life to the fullest without giving a shit. Nothing wrong with that.
by Ghostgam3r April 4, 2021
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A group of people who are sick and tired of identity politics and tribalism mentality that they decided, "F*ck it I'm done with politics." While the IDGAF party may not seem to care about politics, all they want is for every person to stop fighting each other over which political party they are a part of and work together to tackle real issues (i.e. the government, big tech corporations).
"At this point, I am so sick and tired of the Left and Right attacking each other over who's right and wrong to the point I've joined the IDGAF party. I just wish that people would set aside their differences and work together. While we may all not get what we want, at least everyone won't be at each other's throats."
by Ghostgam3r June 4, 2021
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when ARMYs have all gathered up either camping or talking to each other outside a venue or theatre while waiting to see BTS perform.

BTS Mania, however, can become bad for someone who says something negative about BTS. ARMYs will join together and attack that person with hundreds and thousands of tweets or posts.
Definition 1: Outside the Rosebowl was complete BTS Mania. There were huge lines of ARMYs waiting to get their merch or huddled into groups while singing and dancing to BTS songs.

Definition 2: The Anti-fan's Twitter completely blew up into BTS Mania. ARMYs were attacking him tweet after tweet after he tweeted "BTS Sucks".
by Ghostgam3r May 23, 2019
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