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Debuting in 1971 on Sesame Street, Snuffleupagus was a woolly mammoth-like creature with long eyelashes. At first adults mistakenly believed he was Big Bird's imaginary friend because Snuffy shuffled off (presumably because he suddenly remembered he might have left the oven on) every time Big Bird left the scene to gather witnesses. In 1985 Big Bird finally proved that his shaggy friend was not a figment of his imagination.
by Louis Pine, Jr. December 03, 2003
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Snuffleupagus was a HUMONGOUS muppet on Sesame Street. Originally, he was supposed to be Big Bird's invisible friend. The audience would see this gigantic, lumbering, wooly mammoth come talk to Big Bird - but every time Big Bird would try to go get others to meet Snuffleupagus (so they would believe he existed), Snuffleupagus had decided to leave. So everyone thought Big Bird was lying about having a big wooly mammoth friend named Snuffleupagus. Eventually, researchers for the show realized that the young children tv-viewers were getting VERY anxious about this character!! We all could see him and knew he was real (it was not at all obvious to kids he was supposed to be the "invisible friend" - since we saw him the same as all the other characters). Children were getting very upset that everyone thought Big Bird was lying when Big Bird was not. Ultimately, the writers had to make Snuffleupagus an actual character on the show who interacted with everyone (not just Big Bird as before). So when I use the word Snuffleupagus, I use it to refer to someone elusive, hard to get to know or hard to believe exists.
I tried to meet 3 times for dinner and you were never there!! You turned out to be quite a Snuffleupagus!
by Texas Clean April 20, 2011
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Placing your scrotum on someones nose, then laying your penis down their face. After doing this wake them up and say, "Say good morning to Snuffleupagus." Used to entertain at parties shindigs and bah-mitzvahs. Similair to being red-rodgered, polynesian headphoned, or arabian goggled.
While he was sleeping I snuffleupagused my friend.
or, more accurately.
...ex-friend, but hey it was funny as fuck right?
by Jamie Holz March 09, 2004
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The coolest name ever! A character on Sesame St. that was Big Bird's imaginary friend. Called snuffy.
Whoah man I'm so stoned I'm seeing snuffleupagus here.
by Anonymous April 05, 2003
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When you're in the 69 position, and the guy pulls his dick out of the female's mouth, then lays his balls over her eyes and his dick over her nose, thus making her look like the Sesame Street character Snuffleupagus.
Dude, I just laid my balls and dick on my girl's face, and she looked just like Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street!
by jaam121388 December 04, 2010
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An uncircumcised human male penis, especially one with an excess of foreskin in the unerect state; a man who possesses such a penis. Short form is "snuffie(s)".

So-called after the namesake character on a children's show sporting a large, dangling snout.
Why do you hate Snuffleupagus so much! OK, quick poll, girls... Do any of you actually prefer snuffies?
by Ethan42 October 15, 2006
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