When you spit your partner's cum in their mouth without telling them after they have cummed in your mouth without telling you
I snow blowed him to get him back.
by Eddie October 5, 2003
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The act of spitting the cum that your partner unexpectedly deposited in your mouth back in his mouth. Some people may like this, but, in general, it is thought to be an act used to get back at a guy for cumming in your mouth without warning.
He came in my mouth without any warning, so I snow blowed the punk to get him back.
by Seattle Susan October 19, 2003
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When someone cums in your mouth, you go to kiss them and spit it back into their mouth.
by Nickoe August 16, 2003
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After a guy ejaculates into his partner's mouth during oral sex, the couple kisses and the semen is exchanged from one person to the other.

"Do porn stars have anything in their contracts about snow blowing?"
by Kzeus May 26, 2006
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The act of getting back at someone for cumming in their mouth and not telling them. (I.e) After cumming in someones mouth that person then with out telling you, spits the spermies back into your mouth.
YUCK!!!!!!That Bitch just snow blowed me....
by Naked Jeeper! March 11, 2003
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Previously the act of snow blowing was to "kiss your partner after they've ejaculated in your mouth, without expelling the semen" But the modern day act of snow blowing is to transfer the semen into the month of your unsuspecting partner. See also snow balling
When engaging in oral sex, a unique way to dispose of a mouthful of semen, is to try snow blowing.
by Mela069 September 1, 2006
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When you give a blow job while having ice in your mouth.
I put ice in my mouth and snow blowed him.
by TheUncoolEmoFan January 25, 2005
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