The greatest band ever. Fuck *NSYNC. Fuck Bitchney Spears. Fuck R. Kelly. Fuck 50 Cent. Fuck all of those loser punk bands. THIS IS REAL MUSIC. If you refuse to listen to Air Supply because it isn't gothic mindrot or hateful metal rock, then you deserve to be castrated with a dull sword.
by VGerX2001 August 5, 2004
Awful, Awful music that can be heard on Late Night with Conan O'Brien being played by Max Weinburg and the Max Weinburg 7.
When You Wish Upon A Weinburg: "Optimus Prime was Jewish?"
by G-Union October 29, 2003
Hang yourself by the neck from a door…masturbate while listening to 80s music..preferably air supply…the strangulation/synthesizer is intense…
Sean~ "Hey man, Blues playing...jeez dood wtf?"
Jim~ "Gack... gimme... couple.. wheez... almost..."
Sean~ "Ah... the air supply... it's glorious."
by PatrickOMGWTFBBQ February 17, 2006
Item or items that exhibit characteristics that may
outwardly appear worthwhile, but are actually inherently worthless. Relates to the Wendy's commercial featuring said, singing meal.
He got a new car with all the bells and whistles, but it turned out to be an Air Supply Burger.
by DABJK December 18, 2007