a person who doesnt really DO anything. Generally they look busy but are not really achieving anything, they may as well be asleep.
That guy is a snoozer.
by rizzle69 June 8, 2005
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An unbelievably boring, useless meeting at work, probably impeding on your lunch hour, or happening right after lunch, at which you find it impossible to pay attention because the guy leading the meeting sucks, what he is talking about sucks, and all you can think about is going to the breakroom later with your hott chick friend to talk about her weekend.
Good lord, that planning meeting yesterday was a freakin snoozer. I think that wanker guy Jim caught me with my eyes closed at least twice.
by LevelHeadedBoy August 18, 2017
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someone who says they are hustlen heavy, but they sleep on the block, make no money, or like u aint finsh your drinks, you snoozen on that juice man
yo b, u see all them custys why u lackin fuckin snoozer
by Gage211 December 31, 2008
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A perfectly timed sexual experience that occurs during the interval between one buzz of the alarm clock snooze to the next.
We slept late and were going to miss the train this morning, so we had a quick snoozer before we hit the shower.
by WordSwain July 27, 2010
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A person who sleeps and sometimes snores during any give time or period.. randomly.
M: Ey, are you still there?
C: zzzzz..
M: Stop being such a snoozer and wake up.
by mStills November 24, 2008
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A girl that will meet you for drinks/dinner...Take you home...And not have sex with you. This can actually happen up to 3 times before this "Snoozer" will participate in the act of love making. A male "Snoozer" who brings girls home to just sleep is more commonly known as a homosexual.
"...You can stay at my place....I mean....Not in a sexual way or anything..."

Quote from Kalin H - Serial Snoozer
by Dan IV III November 6, 2007
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When you hit snooze so many times on your alarm you end up being late
"Hey man, sorry I'm late, I was being a total snoozer"
by Trkoiz August 27, 2015
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