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not believable. Generally used as a substitute for crap or shit when a delivate option is required.
What a load of piffle.
Oh piffle
by rizzle69 June 07, 2005
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a person who doesnt really DO anything. Generally they look busy but are not really achieving anything, they may as well be asleep.
That guy is a snoozer.
by rizzle69 June 07, 2005
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Penis. Specifically an erect one being used to assist a friend with a sore throat to remove the frog that makes their voice croaky.
Your voice is croaky, it sounds like you have a frog in your throat, would you like to use my "frog prodder" to see if we can loosen it.

With plenty of practice you can become very talented and even shoot the little bugger and maybe wash him down.
by rizzle69 June 22, 2005
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