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A "Snitch" is a guy/girl who gets arrested by the cops, and then decides to give up info that can land another person/friend in lock-up. And as a result, the snitch is let go- - home free.

Usually, that motherfucker gets his/her ass beat up and put into the hospital, or stabbed up or shot.
A drug dealer gets caught by the cops, and the cops offer him a deal to be let off home free, so the motherfucker takes the deal and tells the cops about another dealer thats throwin dope around town, and then gets that other dealer arrested. A week later, Snitch gets jumped and put in the hospital.
Snitch rats on somebody again & ends up dead.
by SouthernWhiteFool850 June 13, 2014

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Cracka is a slang term used by white people, typically in the south(Florida, Alabama, etc). Something most northerners don't know

' Cracka' can also be used by black people tryna insult whites. Usually tho, if an insult is said like "Cracker."

But, "Cracka"(Florida area) can also be the police, cops, judges, etc.
Term 1(Friendly)

"What up, cracka? How you been man?"

Term 2(Racist): "You stupid fuckin' cracker. Get the fuck outta my face."

Term 3(Police): "Man, them fuckin' crackas locked lil man up, dude."
by SouthernWhiteFool850 June 13, 2014

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