3 ounces of beer served as a chaser for another drink, mostly whskey or bloody marys
ill have a bloody mary

would you like a snit with that?
by wallbangicus January 26, 2012
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a person that is being really bitchy
Oh my gosh, Ms. Wallingtosh was being such a snit to me in class today!
by Fiona December 09, 2004
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When a sneeze forces you to evacuate your bowels.
Matt took some pepper into the bathroom hoping a good snit would clean him out.
by Doug Mackly July 17, 2006
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verb: To snits someone, for example, lapes, is to scream, talk, and sing to people whilst hanging out of the window of your car as you drive by them. It often topped off with the car horn being pressed at the same time.

We snitsed those lapes so badly!

Let's go snits some lapes.
by A Croz June 01, 2006
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