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1. Brit an archaic or dialect word for ant
2. Cornish dialect a tourist or holiday-maker
Bloody Emmit's are trying to drive up the Warren again in Polperro!
by CaptEngland December 06, 2010
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The most selfish, brain-washing asshole you will ever meet. Only cares about himself, his money, and the needs of his dick.
Imagine you go out to dinner. Emmit pretends he forgets his wallet so he doesn't have to spend his money on his own dinner - or God forbid - someone else's. Then he somehow gets into your head enough to make you suck his dick for a couple hours... then he sends you home for some reason wanting more.
by MollyRingwalda July 20, 2009
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emmits are 22 inch rims, emmit smith wore number 22. but this phrase made popular by rapper lil boosie.
yea mane im bout to put dat camaro on dem emmits.
by freddi mane February 24, 2010
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named after Emmitt Kelly-the sad clown. When someone does something so nice for you or for another, that it makes you kind of wanna throw up.
person 1: "Oh my god, my blind grandma sewed me a sweater in my college colors and called to ask if I wore it to the homecoming game."

person 2: "oh wow, what an emmitt".
by winks September 22, 2006
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a guy who hops from girl to girl telling them he loves them but always ends up with one girl and really does love them.
wow emmit use to be a play boy but look at him now with that girl
by Jekdiwkwndc May 22, 2016
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