11 definitions by Fiona

a rare and precious being
see also pudden
you're a real leena.
by Fiona January 2, 2004
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I thought I'd be like Indiana Jones but instead it killed my GPA.
Undead language = Latin = Bad.
by Fiona December 13, 2004
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(n.) A sexual encounter with a man other than one's boyfriend or significant other. 'Scotty' -- though once a specific reference to an individual with that name -- acts as the universal nomenclature for the unsuspecting boyfriend-in-question. From the movie Eurotrip.

(v.) To perform a scotty doesn't know. Usually used in present progressive or past tense -- i.e., "scotty-doesn't-knowing" or "scotty-doesn't-knowed".
(n.) Jack's girlfriend affords me the occassional scotty doesn't know.

(v.) Julie is scotty-doesn't-knowing her boyfriend every Friday.
by Fiona December 8, 2004
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a wonderful, amazing, sweet, intelligent man-god
"I wish my guy was a tatsugikai"
by Fiona December 9, 2003
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a school where special ed students are unattended, and as a result get their hands caught in paper shredders.
HB is only for "gifted" students
by Fiona April 24, 2005
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cool/great/the in-thing.
that new song by nelly is heavy !!!
by Fiona May 12, 2003
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