The stuff that piles up in parking lots and along side the road in the midwest during the winter. Not quite snow, not quite dirt.
Don't step in the snirt or you will crud up your shoes
by Penelope McWhiskers January 28, 2003
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something or someone shmushy or smushable. mainly scottish female architects.
hulie: youre a snirt
moh: no youre a smeaky snirt
hulie: fine, i am one, youre awesome.
by mohmohmohmoh December 3, 2010
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The road was covered with snirt.
by Corey March 3, 2004
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mixture of snow and dirt found frequently on the side of highways around March-April
News Anchor: After many months of slow thaw in Minnesota, snow plows are STILL working hard to get the snirt off the road. Drivers are warned that hitting snirt can cause severe damage to vehicles.
by hhmn January 26, 2005
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action involving an upward flick of a friend's nose with your index finger while saying, "snirt!" This is often done as a joke or sort of a slap in the face, but in an endearing manner.
I'm going to snirt you when you least suspect it!

Steve got me good with that snirt.
by snirtingsince09 December 18, 2012
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fresh snow falling on times square quickly turned to snirt
by bob brintz December 14, 2007
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One of those ambiguous words that doesn't mean anything but just sounds dirty.
Billy got his mouth washed out with soap after stubbing his toe adn blurting out "Aw Snirt!"
by Bad Dad April 25, 2008
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