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when someone pees on your ball sack
joey has been given a golden satchel by carol the lunch lady
by Corey July 19, 2004
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Most influential singer/songwriter of the 90's. See suicide.
I hate life. I read Kurt's suicide note everyday and listen to Linkin Park.
by Corey April 11, 2005
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Refers to the completion of the smoking of a quantity of marijuana, by bowl or blunt. Appropriate when all marijuana in the device has been consumed, leaving ash.
Past tense of "cash", and more commonly used.
"This bowl is cashed"

"He received a nasty surprise when he took a hit from the bowl which had just been cashed."
by Corey December 11, 2003
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The road was covered with snirt.
by Corey March 3, 2004
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Best website on the world AIMfreak.com
lets go to aimfreak.com to get progs!!
by Corey December 28, 2004
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its what the combination of "manda kay hanks". which is what my girlfriends name will be when we get married
hey manda cakes ya wanna go to the movies
by Corey January 5, 2005
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