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excessive sneezing multiple times in a row.
Samantha had a bad case of sneezles and unfortunately did not have a tissue.
by Thorusaurus February 18, 2011
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A cute version of a Sneeze, almost like saying huggle. Used by myself a lot of the game Furcadia, I take no credit for making this word, assuming it was already created.
Kite Skyeblazer sneezles
Kite Skyeblazer: What does sneezle mean anyway!?
Procrastination looks up, IN A DICTIONARY!
Procrastination: Stupid, useless dictionary....
by Kite Skyeblazer March 17, 2005
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(n)The fine mist or spray of saliva that results from a sneeze. Usually used in the plural (i.e., sneezles).

History: I heard this word being used in a similar context as the example, with this definition, as early as seventeen years ago in Northern NY.
The sneeze came up so quickly that I did not have time to cover my mouth, resulting in the book I was reading being covered in sneezles.
by Brian Pribis March 11, 2006
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The act of laughing after giving a blowjob then sneezing up jizz
Dude Jennifer was giving me a blow job and she totally sneezled afterward
by sgtwayne December 12, 2010
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Friend: Achooie
Me: What was that?
Friend: I have the sneezles
Me: What is that?
Friend: It's like a little sneeze
One may get the sneezles when the pollen count is high
via giphy
by amanda2169 June 19, 2018
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