when you nut in someones nose and they sneeze it out.
ohhh baby. achuu achuu. you mr sneezled me
by penisvachina December 20, 2007
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When somebody sneezes so much they carry a tissue box with them everywhere they go. If you are near a person with the sneezles, get some hand sanitizer, wear your mask, and run away.
Ross had the sneezles, so he carried a tissue box around with him everywhere he went.
by iLovePopMusic😊😍😘 October 14, 2021
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Noun (france, 1420-80): Offspring of a sneezloid. The pillow-friend that you sleep next to and sneeze onto.
"Dear, I woke up and found sneezlings on the body pillow. I was away all weekend... what the fuck."

"I'm not sleeping in that bed until you wash your sneezlings."
by Idontknow@sneezezoid.com September 05, 2009
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