1. (verb) A term in video gaming and elsewhere to describe when a ranged fighter skirmishes with a hand-to-hand fighter by running and shooting. This can have 2 purposes: a) to damage the enemy while staying outside of hand-to-hand range, or b) to make the enemy follow you so you can lead them to a specific location

2. (noun) Mail or packages received in jail
If that samurai hits you once with his sword you are a dead man. Best to kite him: run away and throw rocks at him.
by DuaneD August 5, 2010
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-ing becoming or being high as a kite.
We should be come kites sometime? I was a kite today.
by chillful December 26, 2011
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To intentionally avoid a girl's advances to protect a relationship with another girl. To air or ghost
My sidechick called me round but I said nah b, I had to kite her.
by GordonSackdog April 11, 2019
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The pillar of human decency and the shining example of what humanity should be. The most humble of beings that requires our love and adoration!

Praise the Kite may we bask in his light!
Today I vow to honor Kite in all that I do so that we may walk in the light.
by skunkodor April 27, 2017
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Half wicked and half lit, to express how good something is
Guy 1: man Wells Fargo just restocked their lollipops
Guy 2: yo that's hella kite
by Hehrbfhrnrtjt April 26, 2019
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Where, in an mmorpg, a player pulls a creature that can cause serious damage into a city, group of players, or civilization.
Hordie: Did you see that kite with Kazzack that someone made to stormwind!? Everyone got epic pwnd! It was incrediculous!
Allie: More undiculous if you ask me...
by Devadander90 July 10, 2008
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Listen, don't fuck about, just write me out a kite.

I need to cash a kite urgently, how long will it take?
by theoldchap August 13, 2009
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