Also known as a big sausage pizza; a quite amusing practical joke or concept for pornography in which a man arrives a house with a pizza delivery. Upon opening the box, it is apparent that the box and pizza have had a hole cut in it and the man's penis has been put through it. Much similar to the Justin Timberlake/SNL digital short dick in a box concept.
I went over to Jemma's house to deliver a sausage pizza. She ate it all and smacked her lips.
by MrKoi May 16, 2007
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When a man asks a woman if she would like a pizza with extra sausage, but to her suprise when she opens the pizza the mans penis is poking through the warm cheese.
"Did someone order a big sausage pizza?"
by j3wsus September 2, 2005
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A type of pizza with a hole in the middle in which one inserts their penis then posing as a pizza delivery boy makes an unsuspecting female pizza fanatic perform sexual acts on the delivery boy whilst still sporting a pizza around his probably burning falice.
The woman is usually spotted saying ,What, that's not a sausage, that's your dick!' Before hastily milking the penis in all fashions as if it was a very horny milk maid.
Danny decided to give his friend Brenda a Big Sausage Pizza , after he delivered his goods he left Brenda's household feeling like a new man.
by Britt_ain July 9, 2006
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fling flong sausage pizza, also known as F.F.S.P, is a fetish genre of porn. in the video you will find a pizza delivery guy ariving to the female customers house, with his dick coming out of the middle of the pizza. usualy the female porn star will pretend to be surprised and start sucking the so called "sausage pizza"....
jamal, where is my fling flong sausage pizza?..
by fling flong May 3, 2009
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A pizza with a hole cut in the middle of it for the insertion of a male penis.
I opened the door and Winterburger was standing there with a big sausage pizza.
by Joe Wint November 29, 2020
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When a male and female have sex on a pizza and then eat it (perferably w/ the toppings sausage and vegtables.)
Marissa and Mike had a sausage & vagtable pizza last night.
by Michael 2 December 5, 2007
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