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Means something that’s very true or that’s its facts
by Percocets May 23, 2018
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Obama was the best to do it, thats a FENDI!

I love you like a fat kid loves cake! Thats a Fendi
by kables89 February 25, 2017
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ultra cool fashion house selling bags, clothing, accessories, shoes. has an alternating 'ff' logo. has a special 'selleria' line, using a special leather and topstitching. quite famous for their furs
1.)OMFG look at that bitch with the fendi selleria bag! thats like a $10,000 dollar bag!

2.)i SO want a fendi chinchilla coat. they're SO couture
by prada June 29, 2005
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An Italian designer brand founded in 1925 and is famous for its reasonably priced fur coats. Is distinguished by the "69" like inverted F logo. The brand is mentioned in the first verse of "My Humps" by the Black Eyed Peas.
"Dolce and Gabbana
Fendi and NaDonna
Carin' they be sharin'
All their money got me wearin' fly"
by Sir JosHIZZLE March 19, 2006
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Someone who loves boys that don't exist. Fendi is a short girl who can fuck you up if you mess with her. You'll know it's a real Fendi when she calls herself an ugly ass bitch (I'm a bad bitch you cant kill me). She'll only ever love Wattpad boys, if you aren't one you have no chance.
Natalia: "I met a Fendi today, my tall ass had to look down to see her tho."

Stephanie: "I met a Fendi today, she has a weird obsession with boys that don't know she exist."

Johanna: "I saw Fendi earlier and she looked annoyed af."
by FennationPresident October 15, 2019
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