Means something that’s very true or that’s its facts
by Percocets April 7, 2018
Expensive luxury goods. Hot high quality shit.
Damn those Fendi Sunglassess are the shit.
by lovo8 May 1, 2008
Obama was the best to do it, thats a FENDI!

I love you like a fat kid loves cake! Thats a Fendi
by kables89 February 24, 2017
RAF- The government some bullshit, Auto!
AUTO- Fendi
by Automaticz April 12, 2018
This name from italy or istria.Many people who was name Fendi leave in Italy,Malasya,Malta and Austria.In Brazil leave 12 Fendi,in Bulgaria 3,in Germany 2 and in Croatia 1.
Fendi is clever,simpatic and frendly .
by Mario Loncaoten January 9, 2018

What you swear on above all else. One who lies on Fendi has broken all rules of trust, and is similar to that of SixNine. To swear on Fendi means that what you are saying is true. It should only be used for things that are usually unbelievable (see examples). If you are not known for being a liar, and you swear on Fendi and someone does not believe you, then that person simply does not understand gang and the trust that goes behind Fendi. However, if you are known for being a liar, and you swear on Fendi and someone does not believe you, then that person is not subject to discrimination for accusing you. Swearing on Fendi should only be done when you must confirm something that no one else (people of relevance to gang or the general people of your area) who also witnessed the event can also confirm. This means that if you and your friend both witness someone break into a car and drive off, and you both agree that it was a robbery, and you wish to swear on Fendi in order to convince gang of your truths, then BOTH of you must swear on Fendi. But, if one of you says it was a car robbery and the other one says that it was just a friend borrowing the car (not a car robbery), then neither of you can swear on Fendi because the event that you are swearing on Fendi happened is disputed among gang.

Improper Use: “God is real, on Fendi” or “God isn’t real, on Fendi”
Proper Use: “Last night I got head from Maggie, on Fendi” or “I’ve smoked weed before, on Fendi”
Jimmy: Bro, over the weekend I had a threesome with these two bitches from my school.
Mike: No way bro, swear on Fendi.
Jimmy: On fendi.
Mike: Holy shit, that’s fucking awesome bro.
by bruhhhmyballshurt February 14, 2022
good looking , very smart , a gift from god , not a single bit of jealousy in the soul . never means to harm anyone , doesn't catch feeling fast . And loved by many people
by therealasiak December 31, 2021