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The confusion or amnesia that occurs from excessive use of Snapchat, wherein one forgets what was sent to whom or what was sent at all
(Snapchat received)
"That was gross :("
(Snapchat sent)
"What did I send? I have Snapnesia"
(Snapchat received)
"It was your hairy armpit, that's it"
by daaaaaaaaaaave0 January 02, 2014
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When you or your friend can't remember what was said in a previous snap.
Person: "I have a serious case of Snapnesia because I can't remember what you said in that last snap."
by j33zyjay September 21, 2016
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The amnesia that occurs when someone responds to your Snapchat, and you have no recollection of what you sent.
Friend1 sends Friend2 a snap.
30 seconds later Friend2 replies "Looks good".
Friend1 cannot remember what they sent and responds "I forgot what I sent".
Friend2 reminds Friend1 what the snap was about.
Friend1 sends to Friend2 "That was a serious case of snapnesia."
by Sh4von October 13, 2018
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Snapchat amnesia; 1) when a person sends a snap that illicits a response from someone and upon opening the response, the initial responder forgets what they sent. 2) looking through some else's snaps and immediately forgetting what you saw.
"Dude what are you responding to? I have snapnesia"
"Fuck, I didn't pay attention to your story. I had snapnesia"
by Kels000 April 14, 2017
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When u type something on Snapchat and u get a response and have no idea wtf u just said.
Claire: That’s so true
Greg: What did I say
Claire: Idk we have SnapNesia
by BeautifulElk December 30, 2018
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That thing when someone responds to your snapchat and you already forgot what you said
He just responded with "why" but I just got total snapnesia... I have no idea what I sent him before that.
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by grlax October 20, 2017
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