To have sex with,,,, ( similar to " Tap That " , with the difference being snapping your fingers during the act.
shes so fine , I just want to snap that ass !!!
by dmwis September 1, 2009
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The snapping of fingers 3 times in an extraordinarily sassy manner. Not often pulled off by white guy in mis-coloured baseball hats.
oh no you didn't! snap snap snap
by Btizzle1 March 6, 2009
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When someone is rapping and just starts spitting straight fire out of nowhere.
Snap / Snapping was used in: Rappers React to Higher Brothers | Migos, Lil Yachty, Playboi Carti, KYLE, & more
by SmithDoeJohn March 16, 2018
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afirmative expression of approval
conveyed understanding
good job
"you're a cage fighter MK? Snap snap!"
by Mae k August 11, 2006
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Opposite of flopped; when someone comes thru.
"Yooo, Max just snapped on that music, it was so bumpin'"
by sonessssss June 21, 2015
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When someone fulfills their potential and begins to perform dramatically better in a given sport or activity. Basically the idea of someone just rising above and outperforming all others in triumph.
He had a triple-double with twelve points, eleven assists and ten rebounds, but also had 8 steals. He snapped.
by Hubbz February 25, 2019
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To have lost one's sanity; to have been broken under intense pressure mentally.
The murderer finally snapped and confessed after the interrogator drilled him with questions for over twelve hours.
by S. Chopstick January 5, 2005
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