Taylor swift pretended like she did not give concent to Kanye to use her in a song. She did and was later exposed, she is a snake
by Briana del rey July 21, 2016
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A person who has been helped or aided by others and then when asked to return the favour stabs them in the back, or doesn't feel the need to return the favour.
Taylor: Hey man you coming to Colchester?
MrAz: Nah allow you, I aint giving you nothing on cabal and ima go Kingston allow you
Taylor: Your such a snake
MrAz: And what? Im IMurder I do what I want
by TokenBlackGuy2314 May 27, 2013
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Totally badass character from the Metal Gear Solid saga.
Snake? Snake??? SNAAAAAAKE!!!
by Kendahlgirlc October 25, 2009
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A venomous organism that will inject venom into their friends, allegedly betraying them.
Fuck Pavith i swear he snaked on us, that traitor
via giphy
by Someone in UCGS May 20, 2017
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Girl 1: Shh dont tell tyrone but im cheating
Girl 2: haha shame im telling !
Girl 1: Your such a snake kmt
by seductional_x April 04, 2009
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