Someone who is two faced.

Chill when you are around
But a Back Stabber and talks shit
P1: " Hey"

P2:"Sup bro"
P1 walks away
P2 talks to to P3

P2:"P1 is a slut who will do anything for attention"
P3:"Why you gotta be a Snake to a person who did so much for you"
by HurtfulButTrue December 08, 2016
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A man who will go to extreme lengths to hook up with a girl. There is simply nothing a snake won't do in order to get a girl. No mountain too high or valley too low will stop a snake. A snake will steal a girl from his best friend or worst enemy with no distinction. He is driven only by the need for pussy and the desire for butt stuff.
Peter: "Hey John what'd you do last night?"
John: "I just watched some Netflix then rode my back 18 miles to snake my older sister's friend."

Davis: Yo Austin what was Tallis doing last night?
Austin : I think your gonna be pretty upset. Pretty sure I saw him snaking with your sister while she was on her period. Kids sucha snake.

Tallis: Hey Sara, do you know what happens to a mouse?
Sara: what?
Tallis: it gets eaten by the snake.

Kyle: Hey Peter, how was last night?
Peter: It was good,I snaked with that girl at the party. Then I snuck out and walked a few miles to snake with another girl. She had the flu but hey it didn't stop me. Just a snake taking advantage of it's prey.

"Austin received an unexcused absence because he was snaking with a teacher"
by Pwass September 17, 2014
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noun: Almost certainly the worst thing to possibly have on a plane, according to Samuel L. Jackson.
Samuel L. Jackson: We got snakes on a muhfuggin' plane, here, man!

Kenan Thompson: Thats almost certainly the worst thing to possibly have on a plane, according to you!

Samuel L Jackson:...and I hope they burn in hell!
by Johey Christian September 10, 2006
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Someone who's sly and sneaky and lies bout stuff
Like how the snake said she didn't agree to what kanye said bout her in his song but Kim posted on sc her agreeing bout the lyrics said
via giphy
by Taylorbeingexposed July 19, 2016
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A snake is someone who you think is really nice and kind to your face, but then turns out to stab you in the back.
Someone who acts like your best friend, but who actually is the opposite.
Did you hear what Charlotte said about Chloe?
Oh my gosh! Yes she is such a Snake
by I'm anonymoose January 03, 2016
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1. A serpent-like individual who stops at nothing to fulfill her own motives, while usually under the disguise of being considerate to others.

2. The Queen of Facebook.

3. Mona.

Alan sees snake and lifts heavier weights
by sssssssssssssssssssssnake October 10, 2010
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When an individual swipes another man's woman. Normally, texts the woman and gets her to want to have sex with them. Then after the man gets the woman to leave her current man, either dating or even married, then uses her for sex and then leaves her causing her to slit her wrists or move to a different state.
Wow that sucks, that guy just snaked your girlfriend. You'll be okay don't OD on the booger sugar.
by sneaky bastard August 25, 2009
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