The Kentucky definition of snake or snaking somebody is to run up behind someone and stick your finger up their ass and holler "Snake".
" I really snaked that girl in the hallway." " My Uncle snaked me when I was a kid."
by Jump The Shark May 20, 2009
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1. It lives with the Badgers and the Mushroom
2. A slang term for Cock
3. To steal something
1. A Snake A Snake, Snaaaaaake A Snake, Ohhhhhh, it's a Snake...
2. That guy has a huge Snake!
3. "That bastard just snaked my jacket!"
by KeeWee January 11, 2005
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(verb) 1. to steal a wave from another surfer
2. to swoop in like a condor and steal the woman of one of your friends who was talking to her at a bar or club
1. Dude, you just snaked my wave!
2. I can't believe Rafael snaked my girl last night. I had a feeling that was gonna happen!
by djshanrock September 22, 2009
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Synonymous to cheating in a boardgame, or hacking in a video game, snakes are THE reason for everything that is wrong in our lives. You know who "they" are when Kyle and Stan says "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!"? They're motherfucking snakes. This definition came about from the movie "Snakes on a Plane", where a terrified passenger screamed "Snakes!" as the lights went out, implying that snakes purposely turned off the lights in order to devour them.
9 headshots in a row? That is so snakes!
by Samuel "Shaft" L. Jackson September 08, 2006
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Someone who's sly and sneaky and lies bout stuff
Like how the snake said she didn't agree to what kanye said bout her in his song but Kim posted on sc her agreeing bout the lyrics said
via giphy
by Taylorbeingexposed July 19, 2016
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A snake is someone who you think is really nice and kind to your face, but then turns out to stab you in the back.
Someone who acts like your best friend, but who actually is the opposite.
Did you hear what Charlotte said about Chloe?
Oh my gosh! Yes she is such a Snake
by I'm anonymoose January 03, 2016
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