1.I state or or form a person(s) is in.
"That girl is in business class on a plane all comfy and cozy....she is totally snacky!"
"I wish I was as snacky as her and her family during road trips!"
"I find it snacky how your able to finish your work on time and still have time to relax!"
by life goals February 13, 2017
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Snacky (adj.): Mild hunger that is satisfied by a snack; the desire is for less than a full meal.
Ian: I'm really hungry. You guys wanna go grab a big lunch?
Lynn: Yup, the tapeworms' talkin.
Bill: Mmm.... not really.... but I am snacky.
Ian: Oh, have some popcorn or something small then. We're going to Sizzler.
North Side Commandaz: And learn how to play TopSpin. You're o-fer against all of us.
Lynn: Do they have Heinekin at Sizzler?
by blamkin October 19, 2005
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A state in which you are just hungry enough to eat a snack but not for a whole meal.
I'm pretty snacky right now, I think I'll go get some brownies!
by skiracer901 December 11, 2004
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A dingleberry of the very, very dry variety. One that rips hair out of your bum when you try to chib it off
Everytime I move, that bloody snacky just about rips the hairs out of my arse.
by Fingalcrom February 2, 2010
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In gaming an item, creature or spell that is particularly powerful or pretty.
That's one snacky sword.
by MrWabbit July 10, 2006
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That movie A Walk in the Clouds is super boring, but I just had to keep watching it because Keanu Reeves is so snacky.
by thehappening November 22, 2011
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This is mainly a form of greeting or acknowledgement. You simply thrust out the peace sign with your fingers and say, "snackies". Some people have peace forums or philanthropist groups calling themselves The Snackies.
Hey Steve...........SNACKIES!

Snackies dawg.

Sup dawg, snackies.

This is Bubble Gum. Snackies for life.
by Bubble Gumm March 19, 2011
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