A whole meal is when someone looks like hotter than fire and could be like real good in a relationship and in bed
Jack Avery is a whole meal!!!
by Whynotavery November 10, 2017
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Looking like a whole meal is used for when looking like a snack is not sufficient to describe how good someone looks
Danny: Dang Marilyn is looking like a snack!
Jake: Nah bro, she’s looking like a whole meal!
by thecolourist1975 December 6, 2017
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looking fine and delicious
what a snack
dammm she looking like a whole course meal”

“girl your mumma is a whole course meal😍😍😍”
by whatasnack November 13, 2017
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refers to someone who is extra fine looking and definitely thicc
"She's not a snacc, she's a whole ass meal!"
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Some one who is thicc, extra thicc, or thicc and then some. You'll be wanting seconds this meal is so good!
Nick: hey, you want a snack?

Zen: nah, man... I'm hungry for a whole ass meal!
by Chocolate Poundcake February 10, 2020
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