(v.) acronym for 'Shake My Tail'; in relates to puppies. Usually used by puppies when they are disapointed or when something stupid is being said or done. Also SMFT or SMMFT
Coco (puppy): "The devil created you"
Xzavier: "i know this" said being sarcastically
Coco (puppy): "SMT"
by woofwooof_saysCOCO May 16, 2011
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Stands for Stoned Midnight Tagger which originated in the Pacific Northwest but has somehow made it's way into the Midwest. Typically a confused middle to low class teen who feels everyone hates them but have convinced themselves they don't care. They can be spotted easily as they usually listen to shitty music such as ICP and yell profanities at random people passing by, but when confronted they are known to run. See Juggalo.
My wall was tagged SMT last night.
by Wisecory May 02, 2010
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Send me this
When someone comment under a post they like and says "smt" - send me this
by Mr.palmer March 18, 2018
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SMTS: acronym meaning β€œSuck Me To Sleep” as made famous by Jeremih on his album β€œThe Chocolate Box - EP” in 2018
Boyfriend: β€œBaby can you smts?”
by Iagensoa Arcane March 17, 2018
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