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What you say when you want someone to fondle your nipples. Normally used in an erotic sexual situation between a male and female, with the female proclaiming: "suck my tits", and the male responding by placing the protruding little niblets of flesh into his mouth and then proceeding to suck and fondle using the tongue, thus leaving the bitch asking for more tit-sucking, since she's so god damn invigorated. happy endings usually occur in cases similar to above. if you don't get a happy ending, fuck off, you're a fucking chode, and need to learn a lesson or two about sucking tits.
chester- "so ann, wanna fuck in my car?"

ann- "only if you suck my tits like you did last time!"

chester- "I'll suck the hell out of them bitch. I'll suck them so hard you'll have nipple rash for days"

ann- "oh chester!"

by K-slizzle April 02, 2009
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