Bro this party shakin!!!
Hey,what's shakin?
by queen cece January 29, 2011
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another word for cool, awesome, spectacular, fantastic, kickass, or jizzeriffic. its the best word ever! it's soon to become the most popular word in the southeast region of the United States.
Hey Moze! That V-Neck is fuckin shakin' mothafucka!!! AHHH!!!
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Another name for man boobs or otherwise known as "Moobs" especially when the man is doing physical activity and the Shakin' Cubas are moving.

moobs boobs boobies

"oh man,that guy shouldn't be jump roping! his Shakin' Cubas are all over the place!"

"That guy needs to get a sports bra, his Shakin' Cubas are hanging out!"

"Dude! Get off me! your Shakin' Cubas are all up in my face!"

shaking cuba
by laurenlikespie April 16, 2009
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I woulda been here earlier, dude, but I was shakin a tit.
by BrizzleT420 April 3, 2006
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A (quite rude) style of dancing where the girl - having an ample rear end (booty) - sticks it out, and moves it up and down rapidly.
She's got booty shakin' skills!
by musdan77 June 25, 2009
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