The act of taking a fat rip of some dank-ass shit (DAS), whether it be from a bubbler, a bong, etc, then proceeding to give someone a blowjob before exhaling the fatty. Very much like a bob gnarley or a strikeout, the pattern can go smoke, suck, smoke, suck, exhale, or something to that effect. A particularly dangerous and exciting move for those who have strong gag reflexes, many doctors in South/Central America are now recommending pole smoking as a form of couples therapy.
Bro1: Bro, bro, bro, I got some ridiculous AK-47 right now. We should hit a fatty.

Bro2: Aight sick, and like you can take rips, then suck my cock, then exhale the rips n shit. ya know?

Bro1: Fuck you bro, I don't feel like smoking pole. Maybe later.

Bro2: Damn
by Crackpipe Barbie December 21, 2009
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A black powder rifle of some sort, especially a muzzleloader. Common slang among hunters. So called because a muzzleloader spews out a cloud of smoke along with its projectile, unlike modern guns. Another popular term for a muzzleloader is Boomstick.
"Grab your smoke pole and powder flask, we're headin' for Penn. to catch their black powder season."
by Da-Gun-nut Garfield December 3, 2008
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if you here someones name yelled out quickly yell out smokes pole.or that girl i picked up last night she smokes pole
by actual chris February 8, 2008
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Getting oral sex from an someone after they have eaten spicy or pepper laden foods.

Can also be applied to getting a hand job after the applicaiton of deep heat or deep heat like liquids.
"We went to hot pot last night and afterwards my girl went down on me. It was great until I got a smoking pole because she didn't rinse the pepper tang out of her mouth!"
by Vanoc March 22, 2010
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To suck cock, mostly big cocks
Billy"Hey Grant Shepardson, why do you like to smoke pole?"

Grant" Because im a huge fag."
by Chief Hugecock June 29, 2010
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